The Annual Historic Stuyvesant Day Picnic is returning on August 14th (the 2nd Saturday in August) after a break in 2020.  The picnic will give us an opportunity to reconnect with friends and neighbors.  The start time for the event is 12:00 Noon.  Our theme this year is simply -- Welcome Back!

The event will be held at the Stuyvesant Landing Playground (Route 26A, across from the Town Hall) and is open and free to all.  The Town will provide hamburgers and hot dogs (and someone to cook them) as well as beverages.  Please bring a dish to share. You may also want to bring a blanket or lawn chairs if you prefer to sit outside of the pavilion. 

Please contact Town Historian Juanita Knott or her Deputy Cathy Knott for additional information.

-- by Juanita Knott

In 2009 and 2010 the Town produced a local photo calendar. It has recently come to my attention that the "People and Places" 2010 Calendar matches the dates/days in 2021.  Since we have some left, we are slashing the price by 50% and making them available again for just $10.  All money raised will go toward our Bicentennial Celebration in 2023.

The photographs in the calendar are priceless and each month features a brief history note.

January -- Ice Harvesting on the Hudson River
Febrruary -- Isaac Sharp Store & Stuyvesant Falls Bridge
March-- Albany Southern Railroad car & workers
April -- Stuyvesant Chiefs baseball team (ca. 1951)
May --- Doyle's cash store and Stuyvesant Post Office
June -- Bicycle Emporium Route 26A, Stuyvesant & Pollys Garage Route 9,  Stuyvesant Falls

1. What transportation route was favored by both Native Americans and Dutch immigrants?

2. Early roads often followed trails used by Native Americans. Which group called the east bank of the Hudson River home?

3. South of Stuyvesant, the Kinderhook Creek joins the Claverack Creek. The combined waters (now called Stockport Creek) were once named for one of the earliest Dutch immigrants to settle in Columbia County. Who was he?

4. Hamlets are clusters of homes within a township. Stuyvesant Landing and Stuyvesant Falls are two examples in the town of Stuyvesant. Name two other Stuyvesant hamlets?

5. Name an agricultural product, once grown by both Native Americans and early European immigrants, which is still grown by Stuyvesant Farmers?

Answers: 1. the Hudson River 2. Mohicans  3. Major Abram Staats (Major Abram’s Creek) 4. Newton Hook & Poelsburgh 5. Maize / Corn

Juanita Knott - Town Historian